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False Pretenses

2h 10m Mystery, Crime, Drama, Indie 2022

False Pretenses is a modern-day murder mystery. Using a culturally embraced wealth building model known as a sou-sou, protagonist Makai, the son of a successful business owner, brings together seven friends to share the basics, avoid pyramid schemes, and begin to gain financial freedom.

After a year of participating in the sou-sou, the friends retreat to a cabin in the Poconos where they learn the recipient of the first round of money. Each person has a high-stake reason for wanting to be the winner. As a result, tensions begin to rise and tempers start to flair. Instead of celebrating the first year’s gains, the friends find themselves embroiled in mistrust, and a devastating murder. Together they must determine who the murderer is.

False Pretenses is a fun, family-friendly film suitable for adult and mature teens.


Andrew Fountain

Director of Photography

Derrick Hammond


Tanisha Small

Additional Photography

Derrick Dean

Assistant Director

Nikia Jackson


Rose Denny


LaVerna Fountain


Roberta Denny




United States

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